Ride the rage, the Rafflerage.

We will be under Maintenance. We appologize. We have had issues with the Web Design Team, and we have terminated thier contract.  We have had continual issues with them.  We do not what to have a webiste that does not function properly that would impact our users.   

Please note: During the registration process all participates must enter the correct Merchant ID received from coinpayments.net, this will ensure the winner payout system will work properly, and the winners will be able to receive their winning payouts.  In addition, the user must enable crypto-coins within their coinpayment.net account that they want to receive as winner payouts.   If during registration the coinpayments.net account is not set up properly, it will result in any raffle winner forfeiting their crypto currency payout.  Here is a link where there are registration videos in various languages, Registration Videos.





How Raffle Rage Works

Get Registered

In order to participate in raffles you will need to sign up. In addition, you will need to have a crypto-currency to purchase tickets. A PayPal account may be use to purchase crypto-currency. The final part of the registration process is setting up an account with CoinPayments.net. Your Merchant ID under account settings with CoinPayments.net will be needed for registration. Use the following link below to setup an account with CoinPayments.net.

Click here to Redirect Coinpayments site

Buy Ticket

You will use your newly created account on Coinpayments.net to purchase tickets.
When purchasing tickets you will be able to use the following crypto-currencies, Bitcoin- BTC, Litecoin-LTC, Bitcoin Cash-BCH, or Ether-ECH. All ticket values in any of the raffles are represented in US dollars. Please round up to closet value in the chosen crypto-currency used during your transaction. There are several videos on youtube.com showing how to use a CoinPayments.net account. All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds issued for any reason.

Win Money

Rafflerage.com will send your winnings to your Coinpayments.net account. We use Bitcoin as the crypto-currency for winning payments. We have several ways for you to win. After registering you will generate a referral link within your account dashboard. You are able to use this for referring others to join in the fun of raffling. Any of your referrals that win a raffle will result in a bonus payment. You will receive 5% of the amount won by your referral. Also we will be offering raffle sponsorships. Raffle sponsors will share in the raffle proceeds just for promoting a raffle. Sponsorships will need to be approved. Please contact us for details.

Total Amount Won Using Our Website

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