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Please use the link to watch the video that has several Language Translations. Registration Videos with Several Translated Languages

You need to register a new wallet account for your crypto currency, which will make it easier for the winners to receive their funds from the raffle. The winner’s funds are an easy transfer to their account with You are under no obligation to use to hold your funds in an account.


If during the registration process the user does not enter the correct Merchant ID received from, the winner payout system will not work properly, and the winners will not be able to receive their winning payouts.  In addition, the user must enable crypto-coins within their account that they want to receive as winner payouts.  The coins that must be enabled are Bitcoin- BTC, Litecoin-LTC, or Ether-ECH.  If during registration the account is not set up properly, it will result in any raffle winner forfeiting their crypto currency payout. This is a clear violation of the website's terms and conditions.

There are several companies offering currency exchange services. Here are a few companies that offer credit and debit card payments methods.



If you want to use PayPal, you are able to use the link below. will sell you crypto-currency as well on this site, and there are many others selling crypto-currency allowing PayPal as a payment method.


We choose crypto currency to keep transactions fees low and more secure.  

All the values represented in any of the raffles will be an approximate value in US fiat currency. We find this to be easier to manage then to have values represented as crypto currency that is always changing in value. 

You would need to contact the system administrator at with your interest.  After contacting the administrator, he will provide an agreement with information required, including the graduated commission scheduled based on performance.